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B2B SaaS businesses get the most traffic from organic content strategy. And what's not to love about them? Organic search traffic gives SaaS companies an immense cost benefit.

But sometimes, you've got to fire up all cylinders and push ahead of the competition, especially if you are looking for scalable acquisition channels. That's where a solid PPC campaign comes in.


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Why PPC is essential for B2B SaaS Businesses?

Because effective PPC campaigns help you tap into a broader market fast. How?

PPC campaigns help you to occupy the top most real estate on SERPs with better placements over your competitors.

A well-thought-out PPC campaign helps you to get conversions faster and surpass your SQL and ROI targets.

See out Checklist which validates this -

b2b-tick Test out different messages and Landing Pages
b2b-tick Reach out to new market segments and rank for more keywords
b2b-tick Familiarize yourself with various ad platforms
b2b-tick Support smart content creation & Look for the best ad network mix
b2b-tick Reach out to ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu separately
b2b-tick Remarket ads

When you have a winning product-market fit, an amazing offer, and super-persuasive copy with an actionable PPC strategy - getting qualified leads is smooth sailing.

But without a pre-planned approach, PPC for SaaS business could be unforgiving. You may be spending all your precious dollars on a campaign that's not optimized for the prospects' search intent, or worse, without figuring out the true purpose of your paid ads.

At FP Growth, we will help you make the most out of your ad spending and boost your ARR with aggressive growth-centric goals.


So, How can FP Growth help you?

At FirstPrinciples Growth, we specialize in a revenue-driven SaaS PPC strategy, so you don't have to wait months to see results. We are laser-focused on boosting leads through trials, signups, and activations while lowering your acquisition cost.

Our team is singularly focused on building entire pipelines and driving bottom-line revenue to fortify your SaaS growth in the long term.

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FP Growth's Conversion-focused PPC Campaigns

Unlock astronomical growth with our result-backed methodology.

Powered by iteration and optimization
Focused for Best Possible ROAS
Increase in Conversion Volume
Decrease in Cost Per Conversion
Boost in Conversion Rate
Enhanced CTR
Lower Customer Acquisition Cost
Multi-channel paid strategy

Outplay Your Competition with Campaigns Tailored For You!

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Streamline Your Ad Spending with Our Hyper-Targeted Campaign Strategy

At FP Growth, we follow an objective-lead PPC strategy designed for SaaS companies.


Account Audit

We conduct comprehensive account audits evaluating the campaign's structure, settings, targeting, ad creatives, and performance metrics to signify areas for improvement and optimize ad spend.



Based on the niche, we research to assess the existing gaps, understand competitors' landscape, identify your ideal customers, and understand their pain points, interests, and behaviors.


Keyword Research

To understand the potential of the search overall budget spend. Also, to identify and refine relevant and profitable keywords to set up targeted campaigns.


Plan Ad Groups

We plan ad groups and text for a PPC campaign that is tightly themed around a specific keyword or set of keywords.


Ad Copy Text

Text is compelling, relevant, and aligned with the user's search intent to increase the chances of clicks and conversions.


Landing Pages

Design landing pages that are tailored to your ads and optimized for conversion. And relevant to search terms.


Keyword List

We develop the right target list and negative list, which need not appear in ads; we work on keyword Phrase, Exact, and Modifier.


Create Ad Copies

Good results come from clear messaging. We build ideal customer profiles and write ad copies to get pre-qualified leads. Ad copies are revenue-focused-not vanity metrics.



Continuously test and refine your campaigns to improve CTR, CPC, and conversions to scale MRR faster.


Tracking Conversion

Track key metrics like MQLs, Downloads, Form Actions, impression shares etc to measure your campaign's effectiveness.



Detailed plan for allocating funds to pay-per-click campaigns targeting specific demographics to keep up the flow and weed up pruning; we constantly monitor and adjust the budget and ad performance to avoid unnecessary spending.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on PPC or pay-per-click advertising in three different forms - Search Advertising, Display Advertising, and Social Media Advertising.

Search advertising involves bidding on keywords and displaying text-based ads to users who are actively searching for relevant terms.

Display advertising, on the other hand, uses visual ads like banners or videos on websites, apps, and other online platforms to target users who match the specified demographics or interests.

In Social media advertising we utilize social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to show ads to users based on their profile information, interests, and behaviors. For each form of PPC we weave unique targeting options to reach the target audience effectively.

The results of your PPC campaign can vary depending on various factors such as industry, target audience, budget, and competition. However, in the initial 60 days of a campaign, you should expect to see some initial data on the performance of the ads. This includes metrics such as clicks, impressions, click-through rate, cost per click, and conversion rate.

Typically, the first month is spent optimizing and testing the campaign, which may result in lower conversion rates and higher costs. But by the end of the second month, you should expect to see some improvement in the campaign's performance as it gets optimized and starts delivering more targeted ads to the audience.

We keep monitoring and optimizing the campaign regularly to achieve the desired results.

It depends on factors such as the campaign's goals, budget, competition, industry, targeting options, and ad quality. However, in most cases, you can expect to see some initial results within the first month of launching the campaign.

In the initial period, we keep testing and optimizing the campaign to improve its performance, and it may take up to three months to observe significant results in terms of increased traffic, leads, and conversions. But we need to keep monitoring and adjusting the campaign regularly to ensure that it stays on track toward achieving the desired results.

The cost per click is only one of the factors that affect the overall cost of a campaign. The total cost of a campaign will depend on the daily budget, the number of clicks, the conversion rate, and other factors.

We focus on Two types of bidding strategy:

Automatic Manual
Click based Click based
Impression Share Based
Lead Generated Based

Depending on the Bidding strategy used our monthly budget may differ however, on an overall basis we may assume that : Monthly Budget = 30.4 times your average daily budget for most campaigns.

However, it is just an estimate, and the actual cost of a PPC campaign can vary significantly depending on the targeting options, industry, competition, and the campaign's goals.

However, the actual budget required for a PPC campaign depends on several factors, such as the CPC, conversion rate, and the target audience's size. To estimate the required budget, you can use a cost per acquisition (CPA) calculator, which takes into account the average CPC, conversion rate, and desired number of conversions to estimate the monthly budget required to achieve those results.

Again, this is just an estimate, and the actual budget required may vary based on several factors. Our in-house PPC experts help determine the most suitable budget for your PPC campaign based on your unique business goals and circumstances.

To forecast future performance and ROI for a PPC campaign, we usually use various metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), and average order value (AOV). By analyzing these metrics, we make predictions about the campaign's future performance and ROI.

For example, if your current conversion rate is 5%, and you're targeting 10,000 visitors per month, you can expect to get 500 conversions per month. If the average order value is $50, then the monthly revenue from the campaign would be $25,000. By comparing the estimated revenue to the monthly ad spend, we can calculate the ROI.

ROI = (Revenue - Ad Spend) / Ad Spend x 100%
For example, if the monthly ad spend is $5,000, the ROI would be:
ROI = ($25,000 - $5,000) / $5,000 x 100% = 400%

Note that this is just an estimate, and the actual ROI may vary based on several factors, such as changes in the market or competition. However, we regularly monitor and optimize the campaign to ensure that it's performing at its best and delivering the expected ROI.

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